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Core-shell column exploiting a specific Pentafluorophenyl group interaction

For those experiencing difficulties in the separation of isomers or fluorine compounds with C18 columns, we deliver a separation pattern achieved by an interaction entirely different from that of the C18 column.

The introduction of UHPLC speed to the Pi-Pi interaction is revolutionary…
If you want to realize the analysis of high separation with the conventional HPLC at hand.
If you want to extract the maximum performance out of the UHPLC also in separation.
For those experiencing difficulties in the separation of isomers or fluorine compounds in both UPLC and UHPLC with C18 columns, CAPCELL CORE PFP provides new possibilities.

CAPCELL CORE is a polymer-coated type core-shell column. It comprises a core-shell type packing material with a 2.7-µm superficially porous particle presenting a layer of porous silica of 0.5 µm around a 1.7- µm solid core. It can reach high separation naturally, not only in UHPLC but also in HPLC.


PFP advances the separation of structural isomers

Compared with C18 columns, PFP presents specific resolution in the analysis of position isomers. Furthermore, due to its structural properties as a core-shell type packing material, CAPCELL CORE PFP presents separation performance equivalent to that of the totally porous Sub2-µm column while keeping the the column pressure not too high. CAPCELL CORE PFP is the most suitable column not only for the analysis in UHPLC but also for improving resolution and reducing analysis time in HPLC.

Application in Separation of Position Isomers

Specific retention of fluorine compounds

CAPCELL CORE PFP also exercises its separation performance in the analysis of fluorine compounds frequently used in pharmaceuticals.

Application in Separation of Fluorine Containing Compound

Physical properties

surface area
C% Range of
acceptable pH
Pentafluorophenyl group 2.7 9 150 5 2~9 L43
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