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MF stands for Mixed Function. MF is made of precisely classified high-purity silica coated with a thin film of silicone polymer where hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups are introduced at a specific ratio. This packing material allows the direct injection of a biogenetic sample without pretreatment.
【Fig. 1】 Separation mechanism
MF Series making tedious pretreatment unnecessary for biogenetic samples
When a biogenetic sample containing protein is injected into the column, the protein are not retained, but are eluted immediately by the size exclusion principle because the hydrophilic surface and small pores of silica do not allow them retain in the column. Low-molecular weight compounds such as drugs and metabolites are retained and eluted by interaction (reversed phase distribution) with the hydrophilic groups. The packing material of CAPCELL PAK MF provides the above two functions.
· Almost no protein adsorption
As Table 1 shows, the recovery ratio for protein in human plasma was measured by the dye-binding method. Compared with other internally reversed phase columns of other manufacturers, the capsule-type MF columns are almost completely free of protein adsorption.
Table 1 Comparison of protein recovery ratio with competitors' columns
Column Recovery ratio (%)
Company A 79.2
· Excellent durability
Both the analytical column and cartridge type were confirmed to have excellent durability.
Fig 2 Fig 3
· Good recovery ratio for drugs
» The features of almost no protein adsorption and no pretreatment ensure a drug recovery ratio of almost 100% as well as extremely good reproducibility.
Table 2 Drug recovery ratio and reproducibility
Drug name Blood concentration (µg/mL) Recovery ratio (%) CV(%)
Chloramphenicol 10 103.0 0.45
Nitrazepam 10 97.9 0.25
Furosemide 10 98.6 0.26
Phenobarbital 20 104.7 0.41
Carbamazepine 5 101.6 0.69
Phenytoin 40 102.5 1.09
Sulfamerazine 10 93.2 0.19
Sulfadimethoxine 10 92.4 0.33
Sulfaquinoxaline 10 92.3 0.41
Ethenzamide 20 96.9 0.63
Salicylamide 10 99.0 0.70
Property values
Hydrophobic group Silica gel type Pore size
Particle size
Specific surface area (m2/g) C% Density (µmol/m2) Acceptable pH Hydrophilic group
Octyl group SG 8 5 450 14 1.4 2~9* Polyoxy ethylene group
Phenyl group SG 8 5 450 12 1.2 2~9* Polyoxy ethylene group
Sulfonic group SG 8 5 450 9 0.9 2~9* Polyoxy ethylene group
*The pH of 2.0-7.5 is recommended considering protein denaturation, although the packing material itself is highly stable.
Fig 4 Fig. 4 Uses of CAPCELL PAK MF
Fig 5 Fig. 5 Trace analysis of drugs in blood (using MF analytical column alone)
Fig 6 Fig. 6 High-sensitivity analysis of drugs in blood by column switching (2-column system)
Fig 7 Fig. 7 High-sensitivity analysis of drugs in blood by column switching (3-column system)
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