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Polymer-coating type core-shell column
CAPCELL CORE is a polymer-coating type core-shell column of 2.7-µm particle with 1.7-µm solid core and 0.5-µm porous layer. CAPCELL CORE provides high-speed and improved separation in UHPLC as well as conventional HPLC.
Evolution of polymer coating technology in core-shell!
CAPCELL CORE is a column with minimized undesirable second effect of the silanols by applying polymer coating on the surface of core-shell base material. CAPCELL CORE phase is developed by aiming at full play to the high performance of separation derived from the unique structure of core-shell.
Please experience the high efficient separation in CAPCELL CORE.
· High efficient separation with lower back pressure
It is known that the separation efficiency (Number of Theoretical Plate, NTP) increase in response to the downsizing of the particle size, which whereas generate high back pressure. And now, the separation impedance is improved by core-shell CAPCELL CORE with similar high efficiency to those of sub 2-m porous particles under a lower back pressure. CAPCELL CORE is suggested the best way to gain highest column efficiency at fast analysis in conventional HPLC.
Number of theoretical plate Vs pressure drop in response to particle sizes
· Applications by switching to core-shell column Fig. 1 Fig. 2
· Excellent stability under acidic and basic conditions (pH1.5-10)
Polymer coating technology applied on Capcell Core leads to an excellent stability under acid and basic conditions. Clear differences from other core-shell products can be observed.
Stability tests under acidic and basic conditions
Functional Group Micro pore
Diameter (nm)
Particle Diameter (µm) Specific surface
area (m2/g)
C% Modification density
Operational pH range USP
C18 9 2.7 150 7 2.9 1.5-10 L1
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