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The only-one column utilizing ADAMANTINE, a completely novel functional group that is changing the separation pattern of the reversed phase chromatogram.

CAPCELL PAK INERT ADME-HR is column with our ADME performance while the impact from stainless column body is minimized by PEEK coating.


Non-conventional separation patterns derived from the high surface polarity

The Capcell Pak ADME-HR maintains a balance between hydrophobicity with surface polarity which is completely different to conventional particles and provides previously unavailable separation patterns.

In particular, in comparison to conventional C18 columns, increased retention to highly polar compounds have been demonstrated.

Nonconventional separation patterns derived by the high surface polarity

Great peak shape and good retention of chelating compounds with high polarity

ADME-HR significantly retains compound with unusually high surface polarity, and it achieves unprecedented separation even in the chemical composition with small retention for the conventional C18 column. Furthermore, INERT ADME-HR featuring higher performance, the chelating compound containing phosphate group elutes in peak shape of the highest quality.

Example of simultaneous analysis of tryptophan metabolites (Kynurenine Pathway)

Kynurenine Pathway is known to cleave indole ring from the tryptophan is used as marker in a number of researches in relation to different kinds of diseases.

Our ADME column recognizes the difference between 4. Tryptophan and 5. Kynurenine acid and provides outstanding separation in comparison with usual ODS C18 columns Moreover, INERT columns make it possible to have the good peak shape without tailing.

【HPLC Conditions】
Column size : 2.0mm i.d. x 150mm
Mobile phase : A) 10mmol/L Ammonium formate buffer(pH3.7)
B5%(0min) -> 20%(18min)-> 5%(18.1min) Gradient
Flow rate : 0.2mL/min
Temperture : 40℃
Detector : UV 254nm
Inj. vol. : 1µL

Example of analysis of nucleic acid related compounds

Nucleobase, nucleoside and nucleotide are compounds with significantly high polarity. Here are some graphs showing 10 kinds of analyses resulted from using CAPCELL PAK INERT ADME-HR.
Peak shape of the greatest quality can be achieved by using INERT column without absorption of ATP and AMP having phosphate group.

【HPLC Conditions】
Column : CAPCELL PAK INERT ADME-HR S3;2.0mm i.d. x 150mm
: CAPCELL PAK ADME-HR S3;2.1mm i.d. x 150mm
Mobile phase : A) 10mmol/L HCOONH4, B) CH3CN
B1%(0min) -> 1%(5min)-> 40%(20min) -> 1%(20.1min) Gradient
Flow rate : 0.2mL/min
Temperture : 40℃
Detector : UV 254nm
Inj. vol. : 1µL

Physical properties

Particle size
surface area
C% Acceptable
Adamantyl group 3 10 310 2.7 12 2~9 50
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