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SCX is a polymer-coated strong cation exchange column that solves the problems encountered with conventional silica-type ion exchange columns. Precisely classified 5-µm high-purity silica is coated with a thin film of silicone polymer, and then, followed by the introduction of sulfonic groups.
· Since high-purity silica is used, coordinating compounds are not adsorbed.
Irreversible adsorption by complex formation is not recognized because of small metal impurities in the packing material.
Fig 1
· Good durability
Si-C bonds used in the polymer film is more stable than Si-O-Si bonds of conventional silica-based SCX columns.
Fig 2
· Good lot-to-lot reproducibility
An excellent reproducibility was obtained by performing sulfonic group modification on the polymer surface, instead of doing it directly on silica as conventional SCXs did.
Fig 3
· Utilization of the ion exchange method with the ion exchange column and the ion-pair method with reversed phase column based on abundant data
Fig 4
· USP category L9
· Also available outside Japan
Property values
Pore size
Particle size
Specific surface area (m2/g) C% Density (µmol/m2) Functional group Acceptable pH USP
8 5 450 9 0.9 Sulfonic group 2~7 L9
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