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IF2, evolution of Capcell Pak technology in UHPLC columns
Unsurpassed durability against high pressure
Durability is an indispensable quality to columns for ultra-high-speed high-pressure separation. A short lifetime under high pressure, and therefore, a high column cost would make high-pressure separation less attractive to chromatographers.
CAPCELL PAK C18 IF2 has been developed to overcome such problem with real ruggedness against pressure up to 100 MPa, enabling maximum performance of an ultra-high-speed high-pressure system.
Hydrophobicity and surface polarity parameters of popular C18 columns
Hydrophobicity and Surface polarity Parameters
The graph on the left is the hydrophobicity-surface polarity plot of Capcell Pak columns and other popular ones. IF2 is designed with moderate level for surface polarity and sufficient hydrophobicity, hence thought applicable to high-speed high-pressure analysis for a wide variety of compounds.
  • Unsurpassed durability against pressure up to 100 MPa
The graph below shows the durability test measured under a pressure of 70 MPa by adjusting the flow rate of each column. In response to the increase of injection times (x-axis), the durability of each column is plotted at y-axis with the maintenance percentage of the number of theoretical plate (NTP) of the Naphthalene relative to its NTP at first injection. CAPCELL PAK C18 IF2 shows unsurpassed durability with almost no decrease in NTP after 600 injections, and is guaranteed for use as a UHPLC column truly ideal for ultra-high-speed high-pressure separation.
Durability Test
  • Quick and sharp elution of basic compounds
The CAPCELL PAK IF2 showing sharp peaks for basic compounds, provides excellent peak shape and separation efficiency even at ten-time greater flow rate, while enables the analytes to elute quickly.
Quick and sharp elution of basic compounds
Average particle size
Specific surface area
C% Density
Acceptable pH range USP
8 2.2 480 15.5 1.5 Octadecyl group 2-9 L1
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