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Core-shell type alternative column to C18 with completely different separation characteristics, your second choice.

Have you experienced any difficulty with a C18 in high-efficient separation? This novel Adamantyl Function group (ADME) will deliver improved separation with high efficiency.

The introduction of UHPLC delivers big change…
In case you want to realize the analysis with high-level separation using the conventional HPLC at hand.
If you want to extract the maximum performance out of the UHPLC also in separation.

For those looking for improved separation of samples including highly polar substances in both UPLC and UHPLC, CAPCELL CORE ADME provides new possibilities.

CAPCELL CORE is a polymer-coated type core-shell column of 2.7-µm particle with 1.7-µm solid core and 0.5-µm porous layer. CAPCELL CORE provides high-speed and improved separation in UHPLC as well as conventional HPLC.


Certain retention of highly polar compounds with unprecedented surface polarity

CAPCELL CORE ADME (ADME) is core-shell type column with Adamantyl group as the functional group bonded on the polymer coated silica. ADME column enables special separation because of the unique characterization of ADME different from that with linear-carbon function group. It has been observed that failed retention of high polar compounds with a C18 could be increased.

With this completely new functional group, many advantages will be known up to the specific samples. It is recommended to apply ADME whenever you got difficulty in separation or even wanted to give up. Your any comment and feedback will be appreciated. Please don't miss an unprecedented experience with CAPCELL CORE ADME.

Hydrophobicity and surface polarity parameters of Osaka Soda columns

Excellent retention and separation of high polar compounds

Based on the unique surface characterization derived from Adamantyl group produces, CAPCELL CORE ADME has extraordinary analytical window, which enables the good separated from polar compounds to hydrophobic compounds.

Analysis of the metabolites of tricyclic antidepressant


surface area
C% Acceptable
Adamantyl group 2.7 9 150 5.5 2~9
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