HPLC Column
User's Manual
ACR stands for Acidic Resistance. This packing material realizes not only basic resistance but also outstanding acidic resistance generated by further improvements to the polymer coating technology used for CAPCELL PAK.
Hydrophobicity and surface polarity parameters of Osaka Soda columns
Column of the world's strongest acidic resistance
This column can be used under strongly acidic conditions (pH 1 to 2) and low organic contents.
· Top acidic resistance
Proved by a unique severe acid resistance test (pH 1)
Optimum for peptide mapping where TFA and formic acid are frequently used
· Minimal residual silanol groups
Polymer coating technology minimizes hydrogen bonding, which is a parameter reflecting the influence of residual silanol groups
· Free from tailing
Sharp peak shapes achieved by strictly controlled polymer coating
· Full range of column sizes
A complete lineup from microcolumns of 0.3 mm i.d. to LC-MS fast columns 20 mm long and semi-preparative columns
· USP category L1
· Also available worldwide
Property values
Pore size
Particle size
Specific surface area
C% Density
Functional group Acceptable pH USP
8 5 300 17 2.6 Octadecyl group 1~10 L1
8 3 300 17 2.6 Octadecyl group 1~10 L1
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