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Core-shell column to retain highly polar compounds in HILIC mode

If you are considering using core-shell columns in HLIC mode, CAPCELL CORE PC will provide large retention and sharp peaks.

The introduction of UHPLC presents in HILIC mode is challenging…

If we want to realize the analysis of high separation with the conventional HPLC at hand.
If you want to extract the maximum performance out of the UHPLC in service also in separation.
CAPCELL CORE PC is the most suitable for what you want with a high separation in HILIC mode

CAPCELL CORE is a polymer-coated type core-shell column. It comprises a core-shell type packing material with a 2.7-µm superficially porous particle presenting a layer of porous silica of 0.5 µm around a 1.7- µm solid core. It can reach high separation naturally, not only in UHPLC but also in HPLC.


It realizes the retention of highly polar compounds even in acetonitrile-rich mobile phase.

With CAPCELL CORE PC's introduction of the PC (phosphorylcholine) group, the analysis of highly polar compounds is possible in HILIC mode. The high acetonitrile mobile phase containing is also suited for LC-MS. Due to the structural property of core-shell type packing material, pressure for measurement is lowered and resolution is equivalent to that of the totally porous Sub-2µm. CAPCELL CORE PC is the most suitable not only for natural analysis in UHPLC but also for the improved separation and the reduction of analysis time in HPLC.

Application in Separation of Nucleobase

Physical properties

surface area
Range of
acceptable pH
Phosphorylcholine group 2.7 9 150 HILIC 2~7.5
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