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Core-shell column enables the usage of 100 % aqueous mobile phase

The core-shell type column incorporating C27 group delivers good reproducibility in the continued use of a 100% aqueous mobile phase for high separation analysis.

The introduction of UHPLC presents a slightly high hurdle, but I do want a high separation even with the HPLC under my hand now.
If you want to extract the maximum performance out of the UHPLC in separation.
And if you want to achieve high separation analysis in the reversed phase mode with 100% aqueous mobile phase.

CAPCELL CORE AQ is the most suitable for high separation analysis with 100% aqueous mobile phase.

CAPCELL CORE is a polymer-coated type core-shell column. It comprises core-shell type packing material with a 2.7-µm particle presenting a layer of 0.5-µm porous silica around a 1.7-µm solid-core. It realizes high separation not only in UHPLC but also in HPLC.


Core-shell column capable of using 100% aqueous mobile phase

CAPCELL CORE AQ enables analysis in reversed phase mode. CAPCELL CORE AQ enables analysis in reversed phase mode. It is the most suitable for the analysis of highly polar compounds which have smaller retention with conventional C18 columns.

Furthermore, this column limits the influence of silanol and similar constituents deriving from the substrate with a surface of packing material coated with polymer. CAPCELL CORE AQ enables high separation of highly polar compounds.

Hydrophobicity and surface polarity parameters of Osaka Soda columns

Continued use of 100% aqueous mobile phase is possible

With CAPCELL CORE AQ, we sought the bonding density of C27 group (Heptacosyl group) appropriate for the 100 % aqueous mobile phase, yet still hydrophobic.
As a result, we achieved stable measurement with 100% aqueous mobile phase.

A application of nucleic acid base.

Good retention and separation of highly polar compounds

Compared with the C18 columns, while the analysis time for hydrophobic compounds is about one half with CAPCELL CORE AQ, the retention of polar compounds is increased and the separation is good.

Thanks to the structural property of the core-shell type packing material, CAPCELL CORE AQ presents a separation capacity equivalent to that of totally porous Sub2 columns while keeping the back pressure not too high. CAPCELL CORE AQ is the most suitable for reducing time in the high-performance separation analysis of highly polar compounds with 100% aqueous mobile phase by UHPLC as well as by HPLC and in the analysis of hydrophobic compounds under conventional conditions.

Simultaneous analysis of polar compounds and hydrophobic compounds.

Physical properties

surface area
C% Range of
acceptable pH
Heptacosyl gropup 2.7 16 90 4 2~10
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