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Featured Columns
proudly provided by Osaka Soda

Reversed Phase columns applying to different scenes of a wide range of compounds

All-round columns for your easy start

Are you going to start a new method?

The first-choice column, the most popular Osaka Soda C18!

Ideal for LC-MS analysis and clinical trials over a long period!

Excellent reproducibility with minimized lot-to-lot variation

Featured columns best matching your separation

For LC-MS analysis!

The first-choice column for LC-MS!

For Gradient analysis of
Metabolites with highly polar compounds!

A Unique alternative to C18,
with a novel functional group different from conventional C18!

Inert ADME for metal free separation of chelating compounds.

Optimal for nucleotide analysis as well!

For analysis under alkaline conditions!

A column with greatly improved alkali resistance

For highly polar compounds,
Applicable in 100% aqueous mobile phase!

A C18 column applicable in 100% water.

For LC-MS of highly polar compounds!

A HILIC column
with certain retention to polar compounds
even under acetonitrile-riched mobile phase.

For dramatically increased retention of basic compound
under reversed-phase conditions

A new mixed-mode column
by combining C18 and SCX packing materials.

Anyway, a good acid resistance is wanted!

A C18 column with unparalleled durability
by thoroughly increasing the acid resistance

For those intending to change the separation pattern!

C8, yet durable and reproducible comparable to a C18

For high-speed analysis under high flow rate and high pressure!

A Sub2-µm Capcell Pak,
with real pressure-resistant capacity up to 100 Mpa

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