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The only-one column changing the separation pattern of the reversed phase with a completely novel functional group.

Bring you separation patterns unavailable with all popular C18 columns in the analysis of highly polar compounds such as metabolites.

If these polar compounds can be retained, separation of other components may become easy… Have you ever had problems in analyzing components difficult to retain in C18 columns? I don't really want to change the separation mode. I would rather do the analysis in the reverse phase mode… Our focus is on the development of a column just right for your requirements.

Capcell Pak ADME introduces the adamantyl group, with a completely different structure to the conventional octadecyl group, as the functional group. The implementation rate is tightly controlled at an optimized density in order to make the performance of ADME group in maximum.
This provides a balance between a hitherto unavailable hydrophobicity and surface polarity of the particles.

ADME brings you separation patterns unavailable with conventional C18 columns.


Nonconventional separation patterns derived by the high surface polarity

The Capcell Pak ADME maintains a balance between hydrophobicity with surface polarity which is completely different to conventional particles, and provides previously unavailable separation patterns.

In particular, in comparison to conventional C18 columns, increased retention to highly polar compounds has been demonstrated.

Hydrophobicity and surface polarity parameters of Osaka Soda columns

Increased retention to highly polar compounds

ADME strongly retains the highly polar compounds due to its large surface polarity, and provides good separation even to the compounds hard to retain by the conventional C18 columns.
In addition, downsizing of particle size to 3µm further improved the number of theory plate (NTP) and resolution.


Retains highly polar compounds certainly, and allows and expands application of gradient analysis.

CAPCELL PAK ADME could advance the retention of highly-polar compounds much more under a gradient condition. ADME provided excellent separation capacity to retain the highly polar metabolites with a wide analysis window.

Using a 3µm particle size column, allows reduction in analysis time with improved separation of highly polar compounds.


Can also be employed for preparative HPLC of highly polar compounds!

A semi-micron column and a size for preparative HPLC column are available with Capcell Pak ADME equipment.

Physical properties

surface area
C% Acceptable pH
Adamantyl group 2 10 300 2.8 12 2~9
Adamantyl group 3 10 300 2.8 12 2~9
Adamantyl group 5 10 300 2.8 12 2~9
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