HPLC Column
Superiorex ODS
User's Manual
[Structure] Bonding C 18 groups to silica
Hydrophobicity and surface polarity parameters of Osaka Soda columns Features
· Large retention brought by high carbon content (24%)
Packing material of the highest hydrophobicity among Osaka Soda columns
· Optimum for preparative use because of its high loadability
SUPERIOREX ODS shows a high loadability, which is twice those of CAPCELL PAK columns, approximately.
Fig 1
· Optimum for routine analysis
Lot-to-lot difference is minimized, making the column optimum for quality control-type routine analysis.
· Sharp peaks of basic compounds
A highly inert surface structure was established by ODS modification and tight end-capping.
· USP category L1
· Also available worldwide
SUPERIOREX ODS is not a "capsule" type. Since its basic resistance is not as strong as that of CAPCELL PAK, the mobile phase must be carefully chosen. Check that the pH of a mobile phase will not exceed 8.
Property values
Pore size
Specific surface area
(m 2/g)
C% Density
(µmol/m 2)
Functional group Acceptable pH USP
5 520 25 2.2 Octadecyl group 2~8 L1
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