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The ultimate UHPLC with minimized carryover NANOSPACE NASCA2

Deliver your sample to the detector without extra flow path and absorption

Why not have the best in high-performance UHPLC analysis?
Our UHPLC is not only advanced in pressure-resistant, but also maximizing the performance existed in your column.

Pursuing the ultimate in liquid chromatography analysis

Separation in the column, detection in the detector, NANOSPACE NASCA will make them the best.

The ultimate separation at ultimate sensitivity

Osaka Soda has pursued fast speed, trace amount, and high-sensitivity in the development of its semi-micro column HPLC NANOSPACE. What we most focused are how best to minimize the dead volume for reducing the dispersal, minimize any absorption, and increase sensitivity.

NANOSPACE has been continually evolved in response to the demands of our customers to make the birth of the ultimate UHPLC NANOSPACE NASCA2.

Now it's your turn to experience the ultimate in analysis with the sophisticated design of NANOSPACE NASCA2.


No extra flow path

Delivers your precious samples directly to the column.
The auto-sampler flow path switching valve is a source of problems such as sample absorption and carry-over in conventional systems. Osaka Soda revolutionary design replaces the conventional injection port with a flow switching valve. Straight Injection Technology™ is based on a completely new concept, allowing delivery of the sample directly to the column without absorption.

The design adopts the column-direct type of connection guard cartridge column to maximize the advantages of low dead volume design available with Straight Injection Technology™. Select to suit your existing analysis column.

Product range

Thanks to the directly connection design of the guard cartridge column, the conventional influence from the dead volume by the cartridge column could be minimized.

EXP(R) Guard Cartridge column

Guard Cartridge Column

A guard column directly connecting with a analysis column.

Product No. Solid phase /
Functional group Particle size I.d Length
3641 CAPCELL PAK IF2 / 100 MPa C18 2 2.1 5
3642 CAPCELL PAK MGIII-H / 50 MPa C18 3 2.1 5
3643 CAPCELL CORE C18 / 60 MPa C18 2.7 2.1 5
3644 CAPCELL CORE C18 / 60 MPa C18 2.7 4.6 5
3645 CAPCELL CORE AQ / 60 MPa C27 2.7 2.1 5
3646 CAPCELL CORE PC / 60 MPa PC 2.7 2.1 5
3647 CAPCELL CORE PFP / 60 MPa PFP 2.7 2.1 5
3648 CAPCELL CORE ADME / 60 MPa ADME 2.7 2.1 5
3649 CAPCELL CORE MP / 60 MPa C18 2.7 2.1 5
3650 CAPCELL CORE WP / 60 MPa C18 2.7 2.1 5
Holder for EXP® Guard Cartridge

The Holder is not attached with the EXP® Guard cartridge. Initial purchase is necessary

Product No. Product Name
3640 Direct-connector Holder
Ttitanium-hybrid ferrule x2, Hand tight nut x1
3624 Ttitanium-hybrid ferrule for replacement, 5 cps/PK
3625 Hand tight nut for replacement, 5 cps/PK

EXP® is the registered mark of Optimize Technologies, Inc.


Accuracy by minimizing system volume

Minimizing system dead volume.
By refining the technology from the development of the semi-micro column HPLC, and by integrating the entire system, Osaka Soda has succeeded in reducing dead volume to a level beyond that of previous equipment.

To use a core shell column, use a small particle diameter column, and perform detection with MS. Dead volume of the equipment has been minimized to ensure rapid and high-sensitivity analysis. All possible measures have been taken to ensure that the sample is delivered to the detector in the best condition.

Separation efficiency

Pressure resistance is 70MPa.
This equipment maximizes column capacity through improved efficiency in separation using high flow rates with core shell and small particle diameter columns. Use your existing column under the best conditions.
NASCA2 - designed for you and the column you use.

Contemporary analysis

In terms of both chromatography and sampling, designed for performance in high-throughput analysis for everything up to and including solution feed, injection, temperature control, and plumbing.

All in one

All you ever needed in HPLC equipment.
Osaka Soda brings you the ultimate in one piece of equipment.
Osaka Soda continues to evolve NASCA2 in response to the voices of its users.

As an aside - Why NASCA2?

What comes to mind when you hear 'NASCA'?
Almost certainly, you think of the geoglyphs at Nazca in Peru.
Are you aware that these geoglyphs contain a glyph referred to the 'Hummingbird'?

The form in which the sample is delivered directly to the column with the new Straight Injection Technology™ injection system in NASCA2 resembles the line of the beak of the hummingbird.

We believe that the drops of solution that we handle with this equipment resemble the nectar droplets of the hummingbird. By assisting in your research and development, in your development of new medicines, we believe that we are assisting in your efforts to improve health and safety, and to protect the global environment.


Product No. 5200
Pressure Capacity 70 MPa
Power AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 750 W
Dimensions (unit) 417(W)×669(H)×545(D) mm
Weight (unit) 70 kg
Software OpenLAB EZChrom (ver. A.04.06 or later)
Xcalibur®(ver.1.4 or later)
Analyst®(ver.1.4.2 Hotfixes to July 2007 or later)


Injection system Straight Injection Technology™
Carryover Spec. Less than 0.001% (in specified test)
Sampling capacity 480 samples:50µL, 250µL PP Vial Holder x 2
200 samples:2mL Holder x
1536 samples:384-well plate x 4
384 samples:96-well plate x 4
Syringe Volume 100µL, Gas tight type
Injection Volume 0.1~20.0µL, 0.1µL (Option: 80.0µL)
Sample Cooling 4~20 °C(Variable setting)
Injection Precision RSD < 1% (1µL was injected)
Needle rinse Organic solvent (Option:Ultrasonic cleaning)
Flow rate for cleaning pump 3 mL/min

UHPLC dual-gradient pump

Pumping System Dual-plunger Parallel configuration
Drive System Pulse motor driven constant flow rate /constant pressure system
Flow Rate Range 0-2000µL/min
Flow Rate Precision Less than 0.3% (specified test)
Flow Rate Accuracy ±2%(Specified test)


Drive System Gas permeation through fluoroplastic tube
Maximum Flow Rate 3 mL/min
Degassing Capacity 1.5ppm (specified condition)
Pressure Drop Depressurization pump
Internal Volume 0.3 mL

Jacket Heater

System The column heating system by heating wire with electronic control
Temperature Setting (RT+10)~60 °C
Temperature Accuracy Within ±1 °C of setting temperature
Temperature Precision Within ±0.2 °C

*The naming of NASCA is approved by Peru.
*Appearance, specifications are subject to change without notice Please note

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